Hello Space – World’s Very First Data Service Provider to provide IoT data services over the LoRaWAN network – is set out to become one of the eye-catching technology start-ups born in Türkiye, offering worldwide data IoT service, with pocketqube constellation to be sent into space. Pocketqube satellites are world’s renowned smallest satellite standard, in 5cm x 5cm x 5cm size, providing large coverage from space through narrowband data communication. ‘Istanbul’, Hello Space’s first test pocketqube satellite, is getting ready to take its place in space with SpaceX’s Falcon9 rocket in May 2023.

Hello Space will cover all over the world with its 5cm cubic ‘Istanbul’ pocketqube test satellite. Pocketqube satellites provide worldwide uninterrupted and powerful data service at low cost. Remote sensor data transfer with IoT technologies is applied to various industries.