IoT SOLUTIONS / Agriculture & Livestock

Agriculture, the ancient art and science of cultivating land, nurturing crops, and tending to livestock, remains paramount for humanity’s survival and prosperity. It’s startling, however, that with all our technological advancements, only 15% of all agricultural territories can seamlessly integrate with present-day data communication tech.

Hello Space is poised to revolutionize this landscape.

With our pioneering pocketqube satellite constellation, we promise to blanket the entirety of your agricultural expanse, delivering a staggering 100% coverage. Nestled within the Low Earth Orbit (LEO), our system ensures periodic data processing and precise analysis from state-of-the-art sensors. Whether it’s the moisture-rich soil nurturing your crops, the heartbeat of your livestock, or the hum of your agricultural machinery, we bring this data right to your fingertips. Say goodbye to the days of burdensome travel and exhaustive field visits just to gather data or oversee equipment. With Hello Space, the world of agriculture becomes smaller, smarter, and immeasurably more efficient.

Dive into the specifics of what we offer:

  • Agricultural Machinery: Monitor machinery health, operational efficiency, and maintenance schedules periodically. Predict issues before they arise and ensure consistent operational uptime.
  • Soil Sensors: The health of your crops starts from the ground up. Our sensors offer detailed insights into soil moisture, nutrient levels, and potential contaminants, empowering you to
    make data-driven cultivation decisions.
  • Greenhouses: Oversee and regulate the perfect environment for your plants. Monitor temperature, humidity, and light levels, ensuring optimal growth conditions year-round.
  • Water Wells and Towers: Water is the lifeblood of agriculture. Monitor storage levels, assess water quality, and optimize distribution mechanisms to ensure that every drop counts.
  • Farming: From comprehensive livestock health monitoring to real-time crop growth tracking, we equip you with a 360-degree overview of your farming operations.

Welcome to the future of agricultural management, brought to you by Hello Space. Where every decision is informed, every challenge is foreseeable, and every opportunity is just a data point away.



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