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In an era where the drumbeats of climate change grow louder, and the forces of nature manifest in heightened unpredictability, safeguarding our environment isn’t merely a responsibility—it’s an imperative. While current communication technologies excel in catering to densely populated human habitats, they often fall short in sparsely populated or remote areas, leaving vast expanses of our planet under-monitored and vulnerable.

Hello Space: Pioneering a Sustainable Tomorrow
Enter Hello Space and our avant-garde pocketqube IoT services. We’re not just bridging gaps—we’re pioneering an interconnected global network that transcends traditional limitations. By ensuring robust satellite sensor connections, we empower stakeholders to monitor a myriad of critical environmental variables. From early warnings for forest fires and floods to tracking air quality, harnessing energy from ocean waves, observing intricate soil movements, or even monitoring the intricate dance of wildlife in their pristine habitats, our solutions offer a holistic approach to environmental management.

Dive into the specifics of what we offer:

  • Smart Lands: Intelligently manage land resources. Monitor soil health, moisture levels, and potential land degradation or desertification risks.
  • Air Quality: Breathe easier with real-time air quality monitoring. Detect pollution sources, measure pollutant levels, and predict air quality trends.
  • Disaster Management: Stay a step ahead of nature’s fury. Early warning systems for floods, forest fires, and other natural disasters, ensuring timely interventions and mitigation.
  • Water Flow Management: Oversee water reservoirs, track river flow patterns, and predict potential flood risks. Ensure efficient water resource management for both urban and agricultural needs.
  • Wildlife: Monitor the movements and behaviors of wildlife. Gain insights into migration patterns, habitat health, and potential human-wildlife conflict zones.

With Hello Space, the protection and sustainability of our environment is no longer an aspiration—it’s an achievable goal. Harness the power of space-born IoT to foster a harmonious coexistence between humanity and Mother Nature. The future of environmental stewardship starts here.

Post-Disaster Communication & Monitoring Solutions with Hello Space

In the wake of natural disasters, cities often face crippling challenges with their communication and energy infrastructures. When these infrastructures falter, critical sensors monitoring city systems can go offline, effectively blinding authorities and impeding damage assessment and situational analysis.

Enter Hello Space’s revolutionary solution: Through our state-of-the-art pocketqube satellites, we provide narrowband data communication services, ensuring continuous and periodic communication with ground-based sensors. What sets these sensors apart is their reliance on narrowband technology, enabling them to operate seamlessly for extended periods without the constant need for power.



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