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Empowering Maritime Transportation with Advanced Satellite IoT

Maritime transportation is the backbone of global commerce, responsible for over half of the world’s commercial transportation. The vast expanse of the oceans makes real-time monitoring crucial yet challenging. Traditionally, ship location and monitoring are achieved using sensors on containers or ships, transmitted via conventional satellite IoT services. But as the maritime industry grows, there is a demand for more advanced, efficient, and cost-effective solutions.

Hello Space: Pioneering the Future of Maritime IoT with PocketQube Technology

We at Hello Space are revolutionizing maritime IoT. By harnessing the power of pocketqube technology, we introduce next-generation satellite IoT services. This not only provides broader IoT connectivity but also ensures it’s available at a significantly reduced cost. Our advanced solutions are tailored to meet the diverse needs of the maritime sector.

Dive into the specifics of what we offer:

  • Cargo Ships: Monitor ship locations, conditions, and cargo status in periodic-time, ensuring timely deliveries and optimizing routes.
  • Fishing Boats: Track fishing vessels, monitor catches, and maintain sustainable fishing practices.
  • Float Sensors: Monitor sea conditions, detect anomalies, and gather vital oceanographic data.
  • Containers: Ensure the safety and condition of goods in transit. With our sensors, know exactly where your cargo is and in what conditions they are being transported.
  • Fish and Seafood Farms: Monitor aquatic conditions, ensuring the health of the fish and optimizing yield. Track water quality, temperature, and other essential parameters to ensure a thriving environment.

With Hello Space, maritime businesses can stay connected, informed, and efficient, no matter where they are on the globe. We’re not just offering a service; we’re setting a new industry standard. Dive into the future of maritime IoT with Hello Space.



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