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In today’s globalized economy, the world’s product supply chain represents an intricate tapestry, interwoven with diverse elements ranging from cold chain transportation to cutting-edge warehousing solutions and meticulous storage conditions. The success of this expansive web is not solely dependent on each individual component but on the seamless orchestration of every element. To uphold standards, from maximizing business efficiency to ensuring unparalleled food security, an unbroken stream of consistent and reliable data from each node in the chain is paramount.

Yet, did you know that an astounding 80% of our planet’s surface remains a blind spot, bereft of data communication? This is where Hello Space steps in to illuminate the shadowed areas, to make the invisible visible.

Hello Space: Redefining Logistics in the Space Age
Harness the power of our state-of-the-art pocketqube satellite constellation and unlock a universe of opportunities. Through our specialized narrowband IoT services, we’re not just connecting dots; we’re revolutionizing logistics as you know it.

Visualize the transformation: The ability to track fleet vehicles periodically, monitor fuel consumption with unprecedented accuracy, and ensure optimal storage temperatures through data streaming from interconnected terrestrial devices. With this wealth of information at your fingertips, informed decisions become second nature, ensuring every cog in your logistics machine operates in harmony.

Dive into the specifics of what we offer:

  • Asset Tracking: Monitor the periodic location, status, and health of assets, from individual parcels to large equipment.
  • Containers: Enhance transparency in the maritime shipping sector, track container locations, monitor internal conditions, and predict delivery times.
  • Railway Logistics Services: Stay on track with detailed insights into train movements, carriage conditions, and cargo security.
  • Tracking of Vehicles and Fleets: Achieve unparalleled oversight on every vehicle in your fleet, ensuring timely deliveries, optimal routes, and efficient fuel usage.

With Hello Space, the future of logistics is not just about movement; it’s about intelligent movement, where every action is driven by insight, precision, and innovation. Welcome to the next frontier in logistics!



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