Manage heavy machinery lifecycle and production efficiency remotely

IoT SOLUTIONS / Manufacturing

We see many high-value IoT services across industry domains, such as monitoring for remote assets, logistics, and performance monitoring. As in tracking processes, we see applications such as grid management in the energy field or asset management in the mining sector. Data communication via satellite is becoming one of the biggest requirements for these wide area application services. The use of solutions from low-cost, low-power IoT connections created by Pocketqube Satellite and Lorawan networks will be able to continuously meet an important need in economic conditions. Connect anywhere with a sky view to bypass location barriers and gain full control over your valuables. You can optimize your operational efficiency with cost-effective LoraWAN devices that can be used for many years without the need for electrical connection.

– Mining

– Build

– Field Equipment



Monitor your global footprint through Hello Space grand station in space!


Increase the productivity of your land, crops and livestock, with reliable and consistent data!


Monitor wide and complex range of infrastructure without actually stepping foot in remote fields


Track patterns of earth to prevent natural disasters  


Accelerate digitalization in the supply chain and get a better sense of your business overview 


Manage heavy machinery lifecycle and production efficiency remotely


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