IoT SOLUTIONS / Manufacturing

In an age where every industry is hurtling towards the pinnacle of digital transformation, the imperative for seamless, efficient, and smart solutions has never been more pressing. Within the sprawling spectrum of sectors, ranging from remote asset monitoring to performance analytics, there’s a common thread that binds them: the unquenchable thirst for reliable, consistent, and broad-spanned data communication.

Whether it’s the meticulous oversight of intricate processes like grid management in the energy sector or the holistic approach to asset management in the formidable terrains of the mining industry, the paradigm is shifting towards satellite data communication. This shift isn’t just a mere trend; it’s a necessity, a vital pivot towards expanding the horizons of wide area application services.

Redefining Connectivity with Hello Space

Enter Hello Space’s game-changing Pocketqube Satellite and LpWAN networks – the embodiment of low-cost, power-efficient IoT connections. These trailblazing solutions not only address the burgeoning demands of industries but do so without breaking the bank, striking the perfect balance between functionality and economy.

Imagine a world where geographical constraints are relics of the past. With Hello Space, “location barriers” are a term ousted from the industry lexicon. All you need is a glimpse of the sky, and you’re periodically connected, wielding unparalleled control over your assets, no matter where they are.

Cost-effective LpWAN devices are ingeniously designed to thrive for years without the umbilical cord of an electrical connection. Remember, some of these devices can communicate directly with our satellites. This isn’t just about optimization; it’s about revolutionizing operational efficiency, one satellite at a time.

Dive into the specifics of what we offer:

  • Mining: Delve deeper with periodically tracking, safety compliance monitoring, and operational efficiency metrics.
  • Build: Oversee every phase of your construction projects with comprehensive data feedback, ensuring timely completion and adherence to quality standards.
  • Field Equipment: From tracking location and usage metrics to predicting maintenance needs, ensure your field equipment is always ready for action.

With Hello Space, the future of manufacturing isn’t just about production; it’s about smart, connected, and efficient production. Welcome to the manufacturing renaissance!



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