"Istanbul" Test Satellite Successfully Launched

“Hello Space successfully launched the “Istanbul” test satellite into space aboard the Space X Falcon 9 rocket, garnering widespread press coverage. This achievement marks a significant milestone in our mission to explore space. We extend our gratitude to everyone involved in making this possible and look forward to more exciting missions in the future.

18th İltek Days, Yıldız Technical University

“Hello Space’s CEO, Muzaffer Duysal, captivated the audience as a keynote speaker at the 18th Iltek Days, hosted by Yıldız Technical University. Today, he shared revolutionary insights into pocket satellites and reaffirmed our dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation. We take immense pride in inspiring the next generation of technology leaders, as Hello Space continues to lead the way in cutting-edge space exploration.”

Fikir İle Gelecek Aviation and Space Summit

Our Co-Founder & CEO, Muzaffer Duysal, joined the prestigious Fikir ile Gelecek Aviation and Space Summit. During this momentous event, he engaged the audience with insightful discussions about our aerospace endeavors, including the groundbreaking pocketqube satellites and much more!

Bursa International Space Convention 2022

Our C.E.O. Muzaffer Duysal participated as a speaker at the ISC 2022 Bursa event held on 9-11 September. More than 50 speakers participated in the event in a wide range from communication in Space, to satellite production, from space logistics to new technologies. Bursa GUHEM hosted this international event.

Paris International Astronautical Congress September 2022

We participated with our stand in the Turkish Space Pavilion at IAC2022 Paris, which was held between 18-22 September. In this event, which was organized for the 73rd time, more than 400 companies from 45 different countries participated in the stands. The fact that our Pocketqube Satellites will be produced and put into service with the smallest satellite standard IoT mission has attracted great interest from the participants from all over the world. Being the first Pocketqube Satellite data service provider to communicate with LoraWAN has been our biggest feature that distinguishes us from other participating companies.

Samsun Teknofest 2022

Our C.E.O. Muzaffer Duysal participated as a speaker at the Teknofest 2022 Samsun event, which is held every year, where innovative technologies in the field of Aviation and Space take place. He conveyed our success story to all students participating in the Teknofest event and encouraged young people about Space in the future.

Amsterdam The Things Network Amsterdam September 2022

Our C.E.O. Muzaffer Duysal represented us on behalf of Hello Space in the event, in which companies producing IoT hardware and services with LoraWAN infrastructure participated on 22-23 September.